Last updated May 16, 2024

Jumper allows you to find the best rate with bridges and swaps. It's a very low-cost, so you can look to it as a go-to bridge even if you don't want the airdrop.

Jumper has raised over $23 million dollars over two rounds of funding, from notable backers like Coinbase, Coinfund, and others.

Jumper Airdrop Basics

Here are the tasks that you should do that will likely act as some sort of multiplier for their airdrop.

  • Bridge and swap! We'll outline some strategies in a bit that minimize gas fees
  • Go to your Jumper profile and mint your personalized pfp
  • Follow and finish quests on Jumper's Galxe page
  • Get roles on Jumper's Guild, follow the twitter accounts and mint the Guild pin
  • Get set up in their Discord, and complete the Onboarding quest. This will get you a LVL and an NFT.

Farming XP

Jumper XPs are your on-chain score, and accumulating them can lead to rewards. Here’s how to maximize your XPs.

What are XPs?

XPs (Experience Points) are a measure of your activity and engagement on the Jumper platform. Think of them as points that reflect your on-chain interactions and activities.

How to Earn XPs?

Use Jumper: Simply using the Jumper platform will help you accumulate XPs. Engage with the platform regularly to maximize your score.

Why Should You Care About XPs?

Accumulating XPs can lead to rewards from various protocols and chains. The more XPs you have, the better your chances of receiving these rewards.

Rewards for XPs

Airdrops: So far, there have been two airdrops from @chadsonbase and @OmniFDN. More airdrops are expected in the future, so stay active to not miss out.

XP Update Schedule

  • Monthly Updates: Your XP score is updated during the first week of every month. Make sure to check back regularly to see your progress.

How to Check Your XPs?

  • Jumper Profile: You can easily check your current XP score by visiting Jumper Profile.

Best Ways to use the Jumper bridge

As always, when farming airdrops keeping the fees as low as possible means a better ROI. Here are a couple of tips;

  1. Swap ETH on Arbitrum to zkSync ETH. This seems to have the cheapest fees.
  2. For an extra transaction without taking any more time, select the Gas refuel tab, which swaps a bit for gas on the incoming chain.