Last updated May 16, 2024

Why the Layer3 Airdrop is Different

The beauty of Layer3 is that when you're working on their airdrop, you're doing MULTIPLE airdrops at a time. It's not a double dip, it's like an infinity dip.

Let me explain.

In order to earn points in the Layer3 ecosystem, you will go and visit profiles across multiple chains and perform actions. As you tick off achievements on Layer3 you're also gaining exposure to other platforms and chains.

Let me give you an example:


This quest is part of the Scroll Sprint, and completing it earns you a CUBE and 50 XP, which is a nifty haul. But this is the nice part: the qualifications are holding any amount of ETH in Scroll.

Are you already farming the Scroll airdrop? If so you probably already have Scroll ETH in your wallet, so you automatically qualify.

Don't already have Scroll ETH? Now's your chance to bridge into the chain using another tokenless bridge like or the Layer3 bridge), which means you're now participating in 3 airdrops:

And this was just one quest! See how Layer3 compounds your exposure to airdrops?

Airdrop Details


When minting 100 CUBEs, an image shows that says "Eligibility Confirmed" with a a picture of a camera, which likely means "snapshot".


The homepage also contains references to a coin and a chain, and both names have been redacted on the website.

[!NOTE] Screenshot


A seed round of $2.5M, with lead funding from

[!IMG needed] Image needed


Layer3 has only offered one date, and that's May 10th, the end of Season 1. Does this date mean that a snapshot will be taken then? Or the airdrop happens then? We don't know, but it's safe to assume that if you're going to farm this you'll want to get started sooner than later.

  • We know we're in "Season 1", which ends May 10. They probably wouldn't have added the "1" after "Season" if they weren't going to do more seasons. With services like this that require engagement, it's no surprise that they'll want to have multiple "seasons" to keep people engaged on the site.
  • Bottom line: even if you miss out on this first season, it's still really, really beneficial to do quests on Layer3. I'll still be farming this after season 1 is over because of the exposure it gives me to other platforms.


  • Quests - Each completed "quest" is tallied in your profile. Quests earn you points, XP, coins and CUBEs.
  • XP - This is their point system
  • Coins - Some quests also give out Coins (ie. Degen) when completed
  • CUBES - These are sometimes given for completing quests, and they're hugely important (more on this later)
  • Levels - You achieve different levels when you earn XP.
  • Achievements - You can earn certain achievements if you complete a series of quests, or daily GM streaks, or chain quests (ie. complete 20 Arbitrum quests and get the "Rocket Scientist" achievement).

Ways to Earn the Layer3 Airdrop

At a high level, most platforms that offer airdrops want to reward you for using their platform in natural and organic ways.

For Layer3, this is all about completing quests. Every scoring factor from the list above only come from earning quests.

So start questing!

Other likely factors

Outside of quests, there are some hints and suggestions that we can assume might play a role in the upcoming airdrop.

All of the below is at best an educated guess. Projects do whatever they want to do in terms of airdrops. We're just using historical factors to make the best guess possible for farming this airdrop.

100+ CUBEs

Based on the screenshot above, we know that collecting CUBEs are insanely important. Not only do you receive that message after minting 100 cubes that you achieve the snapshot milestone, but the text at the bottom says "every cube counts".

For reference, we currently have 138 cubes claimed and that puts us at #4676, or in the top 0.3% of all Layer3 users.

[!NOTE] Title Dune screenshot

This Dune dashboard says that there are only just over 10,000 wallets that have 100 Cubes are more. That's actually pretty good odds.

You can use this Dune dashboard to input your wallet ID to get

Bridging and Swapping

Most airdrops value bridging and swapping on their platform. Bridging is usually the more important of the two. But guess what: some of the quests require you to do that. So you'll likely end up doing this at least a couple of times while doing quests.

Note: If you live in the US the Layer3 website won't let you bridge.


Like almost every dapp out there, if it has a referral scheme. If your downlines complete quests, you earn ETH, which ain't bad. And it might

More potential multipliers

When it comes to making sure you're making the most of an airdrop, the general rule of thumb is to fill out every scrap of information that the platform gives you.

If the platform provides it, use it.

You never know what's going to be a multiplier and what isn't. For Layer3, here are some extra features that they include.

  • GMs
  • Profile: Connected wallets, connected accounts
  • Store: interact with it

Advanced Strategies and Shortcuts and Findings

We've been minting hundreds of CUBEs in anticipation for this airdrop, and in doing so we've found a few tricks.

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Helpful Tools

Bottom Line

Even if the Layer3 airdrop is a dud, it still gives you exposure to a LOT of different chains and projects, most of them tokenless.