Last updated April 25, 2024

Time to complete: ~10 minutes

Potential airdrop value: 4-5 figures

Airdrop confirmed: YES

Risk level: Low

Snapstop taken: No

Project funding: $25M

Rabby has all but announced that there will be an airdrop for their wallet users, and that a snapshot is going to be taken soon:

Airdrop Strategy

The overall strategy for getting a large Rabby airdrop is to use as many of Rabby's features as possible. It also helps to switch to Rabby as your everyday wallet if you can. It has a great user experience.

Wallet installation

  1. Go to rabby.io and install the Rabby wallet extension.

    The Rabby website homepage for downloading Rabby

  2. Open the Rabby extension and select either create a new wallet, import seed phrase or private key, or import my Metamask Account.

    Create a Rabby wallet (importing from MetaMask is preferred

    1. HINT: There is evidence that importing your Metamask wallet will yield extra points, so you might consider importing vs. creating a fresh wallet in Rabby.
  3. If you imported a wallet, be sure to use the revoke feature in the Approvals menu item to ensure safety. [PIC]

Claim Rabby Points

You can claim Rabby points immediately and earn a bonus with a referral code.

  1. Click the Rabby Points menu item

    Click the Rabby Points

  2. Enter TRENDFO as the referral code

    Be sure to include the Referral Code TRENDFO for potential Rabby point increase

  3. Click Claim

Now let's go over the 3 actions that we have confirmed that Rabby will reward points for the airdrop: Swaps, Gas Top Up, and Referring Users.

Swap tokens

  1. Swap some tokens by clicking the Swap menu item in the extension.

    Click the Swap menu item in Rabby

  2. Pick your desired chain, and then swap tokens. (If you want to spend as little as possible, just swap between stables coins like USDC and USDT.)

    Select the swap chain

  3. Click "Get quotes"

  4. Enable trading on the DEX that you want, and then complete the swap.

Top Up Gas

All this feature does is quickly provide gas tokens between chains. So if your BNB is running low, you can top up the gas from another token (ie. ETH) on another chain in one click.

  1. Click the Gas Top Up icon in the Rabby menu.

    Select the Gas Top Up menu item

  2. Pick your Top Up Chain, and how much you want to use. (The minimum is $20, so it might be best to start there.) Hit Continue.

Select payment token on the Top Up chain

  1. Select your payment token, then hit Continue and confirm the transaction in your Rabby wallet.

Bonus: DeBank interaction

Rabby is built by the DeBank team, so it doesn't hurt to do some extra actions on that site as well. The next task won't cost anything, but you need at least $10 worth of tokens in your account.

  1. In the Rabby wallet, click the More menu item

    Select More from the Rabby menu

  2. Select Claim Rabby Badge!

Click Claim Rabby Badge

  1. Click the Learn more on Debank button

    Click the Learn more on DeBank button

  2. You'll need to authorize and verify your wallet with a Captcha

  3. Once you do that, you can click the Mint button.

That's it! We'll update this post for when we have more information on the Rabby airdrop dates.